Etxanobe Atelier

Connected kitchen and interactive projections 2018

Description Developed for the Etxanobe Atelier restaurant, this solution connects waiters to the kitchen to make their jobs easier and improve their efficiency, and to guests, so they can enjoy a unique audiovisual and interactive experience. Through the use of tablets, waiters can communicate with the kitchen, settings the pace of the orders, informing about the number of guests or about any variation to the menu due to allergies or any other reason. With these same tablets, they can also communicate with the different tables, launching presentations of the many dishes through the Sony Xperia Touch projectors. After watching these presentations, guests can also interact with the projections by directly touching any surface where the images are being projects, in order to look for more information and trivia about their menu. Using this same projection, they can also call their waiters at any time by just pressing a button. Additionally, both waiters and cooks wear smartwatches that inform them about any update or change in the orders, so they don't have to constantly check their tablet for updates, wasting time and energy.

Characteristics Solution that connects tablets with smartwatches and Sony Xperia Touch interactive projectors to make the jobs of waiters and cooks more comfortbale and to provide a unique audiovisual and interactive experience to guests.

Client Etxanobe Atelier Restaurant

Devices Tablets, Smartwatches and Sony Xperia Touch interactive projectors