IPF Configurator

3D foam fabrication plant configurator. 2017

Description Multiplatform system to configure polyuretane foam blocks fabrication plants. It enables the creation and visualization of fabrication plants through a 3D representation, allowing users to explore the plant, see a simulation of how it works and receive information about the different elements in order to configure offers for clients, showing what their setup could look like.

Characteristics Easy to use system with which to configure plants through and editor to illustrate future projects (images of real locations can be loaded in order to show how the plant would fit in the real location where its construction is planned). A 3D representation of the plant can be configured through the use of elements that are available in the system's libraries, in order to share it with clients in the form of an offer. The 3D elements also have animations that can be turned on in order to show how they work, making the presentation more dynamic. The system can be accessed with 2 different restriction levels, editors, who can create new plants or modify existing ones and users who can visualize them. The system can be run both online and offline, using local data if offline and updating itself whenever an internet connection is available.

Client IPF Ingeniería S.L.

Platforms Pc-Desktop, Web, Mobile and Tablet