GH Cranes Configurador

3D Configurator of ports and industrial setups for GH Cranes. 2018

Description This bespoke configurator developed for GH Cranes & Components adds the interactivity of a videogame to the standard features of Binary Soul's 3D configurator. With this new tool, GH Cranes will be able to replicate ports and industrial areas so their clients can simulate the use of their cranes so they can learn about their features and better decide which ones suit their needs best. It also provides metrics about fuel consumption and the time it takes to perform the different operations. Overall, it is a great tool that will help GH give their clients a better service.

Features Gantry crane and Jib crane use simulation. Slopes simulation. Time and fuel consumption metrics. Online / offline system, allows users to work offline when there is no internet available.

Client GH Cranes

Platforms Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android y web.