Bilbo VR

Bilbao Virtual Sightseeing Mobile App 2017

Description Virtual Reality mobile app that allows you to experience the most emblematic locations in Bilbao as if you were actually there. With the support of DFB and the Townhall of Bilbao, aiming to promote the cultural wealth of our city and boost its tourism through innovative technology, the app includes locations such as the Townhall, the Guggenheim Museum, Azkuna Zentroa or San Mamés stadium amongst others. With just a Smartphone, Bilbo VR initially offers 12 different locations of which you can discover every detail through high resolution 360º photos.

Characteristics VR Mode / Touch Mode: Although it is a VR app, it can also be used in a more traditional way, through touch input, not requiring a VR headset. Multilanguage: Basque, Spanish and English. Locations: Initially, it includes the following locations: Guggenheim Museum, Azkuna Zentroa, Plaza Nueva, Santiago Cathedral, Ribera Market, Arriaga Theatre, Gran Vía and DFB, San Mamés, Palacio Euskalduna, Maritime Museum, Zubizuri Bridge and Townhall. 360º photos: Every location will include at least 2 points of interest and day / night variations of some of the locations. Others: Including additional information about every point of interest, its history, surroundings, etc.

Availability Available in the main app markets, Play Store and App Store

Collaborators Diputación Foral de Bizkaia supports this application through its programmes promoting the creation of software in Basque. The Town Hall of Bilbao acknowledges the usefulness of this application in order to promote culture and tourism in Bilbao and supports its distribution through Tourism Offices and its press department.

Sponsorship Iberdrola supports the promotion of our culture and values and the constant evolution of techonology. For these reasons, we want to thank them for their sponsorship and we invite users to download the App and visit the Ibedrola stand during Aste Nagusia 2017 to take part in our combined promotion and receive a personalized cardboard headset as a gift.